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Ramadan Mubarak!

The Future!

Our activities in 2011.

- We created "Jewish-Christian-Islamic (Ahlul-Khitab) Dialogue Foundation" in Hungary.
- Our khutbas can be listened on our (hungarian) homepage, arabic and hungarian language.
- Quran-education has begun once again.
- Started our youtube-channel.
- Our community founded a social association called "Caring Love Social Services Center".
- The Hungarian Islamic Community has signed a cooperation agreement with Bihor County Islamic Cultural Association (they based in Oradea, Romania).
- The first shipment of pharmaceutical assistance to the Libyan rebels (antibiotics).
- We organized an Islamic Cultural Exhibition in the "Calvinist Rome" - in the Debrecen Reformed Great Church.
- We distributed in Zala, Vas and Pest County, 2200 pieces of baby food to needy families.
- The second shipment of pharmaceutical assistance to the Libyan rebels (medical equipments, antibiotics)
- "Conserve-division" into Kisterenye: "images of the misery ..."
- Two-day Islamic Cultural Exhibition in Péteri.

Our plan: continue to work, insha Allah.

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