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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful!

Islamophobia report 2012-Hungary


The present government renewed its relationship with some Islamic countries so the general feeling of the local muslims became better,and we think that the results of the foreign relations will improve the situation of the hungarian muslim community too.To strengthen the relations our Communinty is willing to give every help,if they request us for assistance.On the other hand the cooperation is stalling,an overall agreement would improve the cooperation.

Parlamentary parties

Presently there’s no especially Islamophob party in the parliament,but neither we can’t mention Islam friendly party too.We would appreciate the gratulations on our religious celebrations as it is happen on other religions’ celebrations.In the EU and the US they hold receptions for the muslim community ont he events of religious celebrations,but unfortunately in Hungary-except of a single parlamentary repreentative-neither the parties nor the leaders of the country did this earlier.Sometimes it is perciptable the antipathy from some parlamentary representatives towards muslims-however this is happen primarily because of the lack of collecting information and communication.Hereby we would like to tell,our mosque is opened for everybody and we welcome the non muslims too.


We have serious problems!We have knowledge about serious abuses which we couldn`t treat because of the refusal of the authorities.We don`t get permanent entry permission into the refugee camps,there`s no halal meals,the complete religious practice based on the religious freedom is not solved,On the other hand we know that certain Christian linked charity organizations` employees have permanent entries in the refugee camps and we know about their missionary activities!These organizations works with government funds and support in the camps.In this area the situation improved very little because of the rejection of the immigration authorities.

Illegal migration,Police

On the government stage this is the area where we have the less problems,we have official cooperation contract with the Police,so we can be present at any problematic cases and get all support from the authorities.If there are problems,it is possible only on local stage and these cases are escalated phenomenons.I hope they will discontinue these types of problems in the future too.The most completest religious freedom operates in the area!The muslim prisoners are able to celebrate the religious fests and they have access to Islamic books.

Prison situation

The situation isn`t perfect yet but authorities never refused our entry request to visit the muslim prisoners.Unfortunately we hasn`t been able to have a comprehensive contract yet with the National Headquertes for entry permit in each prison.The nutrition is generally solved aside from a few individual cases.In this area the results are going better year after year.We hope that in 2013 we will be able to make the comprehensive contract and employ a permanent prison Imam.


From the domestic media we would highlight the Index in two very serious cases: They alone published details from the movie which abused Prophet Muhammad(saw),and they published an interview with Sandor Nemeth (leader of the Hit Gyülekezete) which contains lies about Islam and some Islamic countries and the rectification has not done in this case,and the verbal correction from the Hit Gyülekezete is insufficient.The Index is the leader of the Islamophob media in Hungary.
Dzsihádfigyelő: ( site on hungarian language,but the site doesn’t placed on a local server and its owner and maintainer is unknown.We noted an incident in the last year and in this year the new media gave us the opportunity to report and take efficient steps to investigate the incident,and reported the incident about a rascist and discriminative comment and media content to the Internetfigyelő on 08.12.2012.Beyond the above highlighted two internet sites the Islamophob comments,manifestations which happens they are because of the lack of information collecting.We would like to say again,our mosque is open for all those who are interesting about Islam,and we are warmly welcoming the medias` employees regardless sex,religion or nationality.The ATV and the Hetek weekly magazine frequently publish islamophob and biased articles and reports.There are some other Islamophob and right wing blogs and portals like the community register the islamophob medias and do everything that their journalists wouldn`t be able to make reports about Islamic countries because it is known that the reports based on lies and half truths,and because they can harm the local muslim community too.

Daily life

Discriminations against muslims and other atrocities.Muslim sisters noted several times the discrimination because of the Islamic veil;for example on job interviews some sisters had been automatically rejected because of the hijab.Some muslims had been fired from their employment when their employer knew about their religion to be muslim.The armed bodies treat our religion as “national security risk”which we think is breach of the law and incompatible with the human rights.


There are discussions with several educational institutions and positive results will be reported about the muslim school soon Insha Allah.With the help of Allah(swt) we will open our Islamic kindergarten in 2013,and after that this sector won`t be as an Islamophobic area.

Society-Public perception

It can be said generally the less or more negative attitude towards muslims can be traced back on two reasons:-The media`s influence on the masses,which in many cases not intentionally,but from out of ignorance and lack of knowledge form a negative opinion about muslims and Islam.
-The writing of parts of the school books which dealing with Islam written and proofread by non muslims.The parts in the school book regarding other religions may checked and commented by the respective religion`s scientist.The new National School Curriculum didn`t gave us solution in this area:We still weren`t invited on proofreading and correcting,for this reason the mistakes and halftruths are still can be seen in the school books.


Hungarian Islamic Community

Special thanks

NewsThanks for Allah, for all blessed minutes in Ramadan!
Special thanks for our Brothers, for their help us in Ramadan:

Dr. Gasm El Seed Ibrahim,
Dr. Ahmad Al Dubayan,
Danish Muslim Aid,
Dr. Nadeem Elyas.

Allah bless they!

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