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Islamophobia in Hungary 2011



This newspaper included in the report because in the current year it has been published some offensive sounded articles about Islam and muslims.Left-wing newspaper but approx since 2006 it give space for articles which criticize Muslims because of their religion.


Television channel in which,both the daily news and the channel’s webportal often appear articles and reports condemning Islam.One of the channel’s programme is Club 700-a neoprotestant tv show-in which one of the favourite theme/topic the offensive and hateful manifestations against Muslims.Need to note that,the majority of the channel`s owner is the "hit gyülekezet", officially registered organization in Hungary.
They represent liberal and left-wing political side.


The weekly newspaper owned by the Hit gyülekezete.Often publish articles which are anti-Islamic and attacking muslims.As they are strong supporters of the state of Israel,they believe that all muslims are the enemies of the jews and Israel.They are the ideological supporters of Anders Breivik who committed the massacre in Norway.

Kuruc Info

Extreme right-wing,radical Internet newsportal.Interestingly,generally they support the Palestinians,but they crititize the American and Western-European Muslims with racist statements.Anti-semitic news site,and support the Palestians because of their opposition with the state of Israel.

Nazi blogs and Internet publishers

Since they don`t have serious influence,they are only marginally present in the media we don`t name them separately.Due to their antisemetism they show certain level of sympathy with the Palestinians.Those who show sympathy with the jews,they declare them as the enemy of the state.They treat the muslims and the jews on the same level.Racist groups.


Israel friendly news site,which in its Muslim and Islam related articles,they almost write on hate related and negative voice.In the examined last year their negative voicetone slightly eased.


Left-liberal news site,which is often publish Anti-Islamic and Anti-Muslim articles.They often relies on uncontrolled news sources which exclusively relates negative things to Muslims.Often they do their activities by hatred motivation while they trying to seem to be objective.They are leading the Islamophobic list for years.


New site among the Islamophob pages.Especially extreme,hate related netpage.


The current government restored its relationship with some Islamic countries,so the general conform feeling of the muslims are improved,we believe the results of the external relationships will improve the situation of the local muslims.

Parties of the Parlament

Currently there`s no especially islamophobic party in the Hungarian parliament.However there are some MPs who have allowed themselves,to express statements against Islam and muslims.One example is the previous prime minister`s statement about the Saudis.Unfortunately many times sensible,the negative attitude of some MPs towards muslims,which if they would be in power,it would be sensible physically.Only 1 parlamentary party had not respeonded to our repeated contact request and this is the LMP.We don`t understand.While in the US and other EU countries give representation to the Muslims religious feasts,unfortunately in Hungary except one representative,neither the political parties nor the country`s leaders have not done this gesture yet.On the other hand they did for the occasion of other religion`s festivals.

Religious Affairs Law 1-2-3

It`s an interesting story.It is necessary to create a new church-affairs law because there is lot of corruption,and there are many so-called fake and business religious organizations.But unfortunately the legislation and its history didn`t favour us,and experienced some serious problems.We hope that this matter will be resolved until 29 february.


There are serious problems on this field!Serious abuses are known,which we couldn`t handle yet because of the authorities negative behaviour.We don`t get permanent entry permit into the refugee camps,muslim meals not provided.,and not solved the freedom of the religious practices.However certain Christian related Aid Organization`s workers have full entry permit,and we know about their religious conversion activities!These organizations are work with state support and government money in the refugee camps.Unfortunately the situation has not improved over the years due to the rejection by authorities.

Illegal immigration,police

On the state level,perhaps on this field are the least problematic cases,and we have cooperation contract with the ORFK,so we can get all help in any cases.If there are problems it is isolated and possible on local levels.I hope these problems will be solved in the future.There is complete religious freedom in this field.


Not perfect but our entry permit requests have never been refused.Unfortunately we couldn`t sign a full contract with the National Headquarters for each prisons.The feeding is resolved except a few problematic individual cases.In this area the results are better year after year.

Everyday life

Discrimination against muslims and other atrocities
Sisters reported discrimination in several cases when they were discriminated for the hijab,for example on job interviews they were automatically rejected because for this reason.Some brothers were fired from their jobs when their employers became aware of their muslim religion.On 13 August,at the Budapest Mosque,two cars were burnt and several others damaged,including a foreign embassy`s car.The police took action with the charge of vandalism and quickly captured the perpetrator.


Sore point that till this time we were unable to establish religiously managed school and kindergarten for muslim children.With the help of Allah(swt) it will be solved soon Insha Allah.

Attitude of the society

The less or more negative attitude towards muslims can be derived from two main reasons:-The media which has high impact on the mood to the population,which in many cases not intentionally but simply due to ignorance and uninformedly create negative opinion about Islam and the muslims.
-School textbook`s ,parts which dealing with Islam written and edited by non-muslimsThe book`s parts dealing with other religions always can be checked and commented by the religious scholars.Hopefully the new NAT will take this issue on account.

13 february 2012

Magyar Iszlám Közösség - Hungarian Islamic Community

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