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Islamophobia in Hungary 2010

Islamophobia in Hungary 2010
Media-Politics-Ecomony-Human Rights

In the domestic mediums didn't happened almost any changing between people who are abuse the Islam or the Muslims. Maybe we can mention that, the Hungarian Index newsportal trired to suggest with one or two articles, it independent and it isn't arise neither the Islam religion nor the Muslims. It wasn't really successful because the Index suppressed serious and positive news from the works of the domestic Muslims, which are public over the MTI – in english Hungarian News Agency – for every news channel. The Index gave unchecked informations into the public consciousness, neither the Index didn't accepted our press correction petition, nor it didn't announce the later concrete facts. Th racialist motive against the Muslims can follow-up. But we hope that at the end we get down from that shame list.
The got up on our list, if there is an Palestinian case, it is pro-Muslim but even it talk about European or other Muslims, it point out only the negatives, it abuse in vulgar way.
I don't mention the marginal Nazi websites, blocks, all of them are totally anti-Islam and anti-Muslim.
But I can rank the extreme left side's websites among the same category.
The ATV's website and the tv channel are in the first position, the Hetek – in english Weeks – weekly newspaper in the second position, we can call this newspaper anti-Muslim yellow press. It writes only in negative way about Islam and Muslims, maybe that means for them exception, if a Muslim is converted to Christianity or the Muslim left his own belief and abuse the Islam. The ATV use unchecked information and they almost repeat with pleasure that the Muslims are terrorists. We make „their work” known with other foreigner Muslim international organizations, and we hope that the United Nations and the EU right committees rate them amongst Islamophobian mediums.
We can state about the two biggest daily newspapers – the Magyar Nemzet and the Népszabadság – that their writes correct about the Islam and the Muslims.
Amongst the tv channels good valuation given to Hít Television, amongst the commercial channels we can be satified with the RTL Club, however its religious program in the early morning came to an end.
The civil service channels stay at the middle of field.
The ECHO Television means for us something new which is stand out with fairness, and like at the Hír Tv, there is no Islamophobia.


The two election in the last year, for the native Muslims and for the Hungarian Islam Community, were determining.
We are optimistic about the future because the Islamophobian sayings, manifestations and who put a stop to our development we found amongst the previous cycle political leaders.
I can refer to call the Arabian football players terrorists, our work in the reception camp was obstructed, our applications were sabotaged, our support petitions were threw out, etc.
It could be a negative example István Hiller or Béla Csécsei, he was the mayor of Józsefváros.
Unfortunetly there were few polititician amongst the members of the governing party, who could help us as religious minority or gave us support to our aim carry out.
It could be rate in negative way that, there are no Muslims in the Parliament or in the Capital General Meeting, it's still unresolved for us the political representations of interest.
Also still unresolved question there is no Muslim adviser in the Goverment, who gives help in the foreign policy with the Islam world or give in lobbies about the Muslims problems.

The Muslim women's position in Hungary

The so-called case of burka European welcome was serious media topic and that's why the Muslims were put in negative context.
Embittering fact that if in Hungary a Muslim woman lokking for job with shawl on her head, in the cases of 99% she will disclaim. So those women who really would like to work, they haven't wear shawl at a job interview.
Whereas the shawl is a religious symbol also, in the streets can seen an Islam woman religious affiliation, she is exposure anytime insulting, or possibly physical atrocity.
Fortunately the physical insults are forced back but even our brothers and sisters in faith are obliged to stand every day the repeadted insults, sullying remarks. However it's positive in whole Europe, there are neither shawl nor other religious symbols forbid.

Mosques's position in Hungary

The so-called Church of Islam's petition was threw out in the last year in the capital city's 11. ward because of the veto of inhabitants.
We think it's a bad initiative because there was no negotiation with the people at the beginning and it's sad thing that Budapest as a capatl city of an Eoropean country has no cultural center of Islam.
We have confidence in the next years.
The best situation is in Pécs in the countryside, but in Debrecen the local goverment help needed to those Muslims who want to practise their belief in a suitable place.

Those people's position who live in reception camps

The so-called halal dining unfortunately didn'n resolved up to this day, the only improvement in this case that food of pig haven't given to the Muslims. But the food isn't halal, it isn't eatable for the Muslims. The Muslims have food eg. tinned food with parts of pig like industrial bacon or with other parts. We didn't have permanent entrance permission, contrast with other non-Muslim organizations which can walk in the reception camp of Bicske. They explain it with lack of workers. If we log in ahead we have entrance permission of course.

Jailhouse's position

More jailhouses, more cases. It means as many jailhouses as much attitude. The best situation is in Szombathely and good in Szeged, in Szeged and also in Vác. Baracska is also correct place for religious education and correct place for dining. Unhappily in Sopronkőhida and one of the capital city's jailhouse we still have some problems. Amongst the institutions in the countryside Szolnok and Nyíregyháza are good example for permission of free religious practice. In my opinion Szombathely could setting a trend for other jailhouses.

Other police prisoners's and illegal border-crossings's position

All in the police detention cells and guarded accomodations for the Muslims's potisions are satisfying. In Nyírbárot – it was a border surveillance accomodation – the local authority let the Muslims to get Korans at Ramadan. Our relationship with them is perfect, they do the best as they can in the point of view of human rights, and in the free religious practice .
Visa cases, immigration

We have more and more problems with the permissions which are about apply for a visa for our friends from Turkey and it's for them unavailable. For every employee and personal visit can't get visa. It changed into contravention offence. We of course always show to upper authority these anomalies because we can quasi feel the discrimination about the Islam.

Conclusion: we have many things to do around the human rights and actually religious freedom. Many negative things come from the human attitude. But even the human attitude comes from non-knowing, misunderstanding, unhealthy suspisiousness, arise from Islamophobia. If definite official workers could know and could keep to the law, the human rights, the rules about free religious practice and freedom of conscience, our yearly reports could be full with commandation or composed of empty and white papers.

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